Randy Krogstad

First post: Apr 20, 2018 Latest post: Apr 15, 2019
Our great love story started just over six years ago when we met in graduate school at the University of Oregon.  Although we had to live apart for a year after finishing school, we still found our way back to each other and were finally able to start our lives together. We bought our first house and got engaged in August, while loving every minute we were finally able to spend together. However, every great love story has its hated character.

In February Randy started having severe chest pains, but doctors kept brushing it off as costochondritis and prescribing him more pain medications. The chest pains began to be accompanied by intense night sweats, fevers, and general fatigue. Finally, we went to a walk in clinic with a long list of symptoms and the doctor finally listened to us and sent us to the emergency room where the doctors began to suspect that Randy had leukemia. 

As two government employees fresh out of graduate school, it is probably no surprise that we don't have very much money saved up to pay for the large number of medical bills that are sure to come. We have set up a GoFundMe site that can be accessed through the "Ways to Help" tab or at this link: 
We appreciate any donation you can provide. We love you all! Please be cautious, the CaringBridge site has a misleading donation link that only supports the website, which we do not have to pay for ourselves.