Randy Huffmaster

First post: Apr 7, 2018
As if Randy doesn't enough stories to tell from over the  years like remembering the Chicago Bulls Championship games in the 90's, the many years of being the Manager of the Grant High School football team and of course  cheering on his nephew Zach in 2012 when the varsity baseball team went to state!! This kid is loved by so many and he loves everyone of you back ten fold. Randy now has a tougher journey ahead of him. 

Back in February Bubba was brought to the doctor with some swelling on his neck. At the time he was diagnosed with Mono. For the next month the swelling went up and down and they decided to schedule a CT scan. On 3/27/18 he had the CT scan  and it was suggested that he be admitted to the hospital. Bubba has been in St. Alexian Hospital in Hoffman Estates since the night of 03/27/18. The staff here is beyond amazing!! Of course they all LOVE Bubba!! With every shift change came a new crew of "cute" nurses that he had no problems flirting with!!  By the morning of 03/28 his neck was the size of a softball and the swelling had spread to halfway across his neck.  After a needle biopsy, a tissue biopsy and a bone marrow biopsy and nearly a week, Randy was diagnosed with Stage III Large B cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.   

As you can imagine what a punch in the gut that was for all of us!! Not to mention how are we going be completely honest with him AND keep this happy go lucky kid HAPPY!! To make it a little easier for Bubba, we all took turns hanging out with him. He watched baseball with our Dad, had an Easter Party with our MOM and had a few other family members come visit. But I am sure he enjoyed nothing better than being antagonized and being joked with by Rusty and of course myself. The guest chairs aren't exactly comfy, but make no mistake about it.....there is nowhere else we would rather be than right by his side.

On April 4, Randy had is first round of 6 chemotherapy treatments and it went pretty good. The pictures say it all!!! We are doing are best to keep it all as positive as possible. If we are happy he is happy:) He slept well and had a hearty appetite in the morning. By afternoon Thursday he was starting to feel the effects feeling a bit queasy and tired. Thank goodness no pain or fever!!! This kid is the toughest around. We couldn't be prouder. It is Noon on Friday and eagerly awaiting his release. With every treatment we will post an update so that everyone can be informed with the most recent and accurate information.

Thank you all in advance for your continuing support, prayers and positive comments!! 

P.S. We as a family are not asking for any donations, suggestions for care or "sorries" just words of positive vibes and encouragement. If you donate on this site it is used by Caring Bridge to fund the site.