Randy Hudson

First post: Oct 15, 2019 Latest post: Oct 19, 2019
Welcome and thanks for checking in. I learned about 15 years ago that I was born with a malformed aortic valve. It was not a significant concern until recently, and I am scheduled to receive a replacement valve the morning of Wednesday, October 16. Georgia or a helper will be posting updates as they become available. Depending on how I'm feeling I may continue posting throughout recovery.

I am very grateful for family, friends, and medical science. And Medicare.

Frequently Recited Answers:
1) I will be at Swedish Heart and Vascular - Cherry Hill, Seattle. My surgeon is Dr. Patrick Ryan. My cardiologist is Dr. John Petersen II, and I am thankful to have been consulting for years with his father, our friend Dr. John Petersen.
2) My new valve will be made from cow parts and stitched in during an open heart procedure. I look forward to a long life of bovine jokes. Don't hold back.
3) I do not qualify for the new method of inserting a mechanical valve through an artery. However, if my cow valve ever fails there is high probability that it could be replaced in that less-invasive way.
4) Nope, can't think of anything you can do to help at the moment, but you will certainly be the first to know. We appreciate the offer.
5) Love