Ramsey Alhajjaj

First post: Jun 21, 2019 Latest post: Sep 3, 2021
Ramsey is a 16 year old soon to be junior in high school. He was born with Hypo-plastic left heart syndrome. He has had three open heart surgeries. The first at 7 days, the second at 3 months and the third at three years.

Two years ago we were told it was time for a transplant. We went to the hospital and did all the tests but then were told no, sorry, you’ve got more time. So we went home and waited. We did things. We spent time with family. We traveled. We went to school and work and the heart doctor(frequently). We were told things along the way like,”I never thought you would have gone this long.” “You’re just not ready.” But nothing prepared us for where we are today. Waiting.

He is funny, loving and very smart. He loves cartoons and want to be an animator. Everyone who knows him likes him but he is an introvert. So he doesn’t have many friends and I really think that makes him sad. He worries no one will miss him when he’s gone. That he hasn’t left anything behind. But he has. He has touched more people than he knows and he is loved.

We appreciate all the prayers you are willing to share with us. Thanks so much for visiting his page.

gf.me/u/wfvwus  This is the link to our go fund me. 

If you wish to send him a card or letter send it to:

Arkansas Children's Hospital

Ramsey Alhajjaj - CVICU

1 Children's Way

Little Rock, AR 72202