Mayra Ramirez Ramirez Family

First post: Feb 20, 2021
I've known Mayra and her family for about 7 years now. She has always been one of the most caring, loving, and generous friends I know.  In December, her husband suffered a work-related back injury and has been off work since. A gofundme was set up back then (link here: As if that wasn't enough for her family, Jesus is now in the hospital fighting for his life with COVID, and Mayra herself is sick as well as some of her kids. It's such a difficult situation being sick AND worrying about your husband and taking care of your kids! Being in SF I wanted to find a way to help Mayra because I know she would be helping me. Mayra and her family live in Rio Vista, CA so their delivery options are limited.  GrubHub and UberEats will deliver to their address, and a local pizza shop will also deliver ( There is also a local supermarket called Lira's that you can order groceries online that will deliver to their home (I called and checked). Their website is  Anything you can do to support Mayra and her family right now would be very much appreciated!