Rachel Seeger

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to first start by saying thank you in advance for donating to our dear friend, Rachel Seeger and her sweet family. 

It was just a few weeks ago that Rachel was dancing the night away in Punta Cana not knowing that cancer was growing in her body. She was having some back pain but that wasn’t affecting her fun. She even jumped off the top of a boat into the ocean and snorkeled all around! When she got home, after a few more symptoms arose, her doctor sent her for further testing. During surgery to remove a grapefruit sized mass on her ovary, they determined that she had stage IV stomach cancer that had spread to her ovary, bones, and brain. After almost two weeks in the hospital, she is home now with her husband, Jimmy, and two little kids. Deacon is two years old and Brenna is five. She has a very tough journey ahead to get the cancer under control but we have faith that she can beat this! She has already started radiation and she will soon begin chemo as well. 

Cancer treatment comes with a lot of unforeseen and hidden costs and can burden a family financially. We’d like to ease that burden by sharing this page and hopefully it will help Rachel and Jimmy focus on getting her well again. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.