Rachel Reenstra Healing after the attack

First post: Jun 21, 2022 Latest post: Jun 24, 2022
I'm using this format because there are so many people reaching out to me and they want to know what happened, And how it could've come from someone I have loved for six years turning into one night where he brutally attacked me while I was driving behind the wheel leaving me uncertain if I will have vision in my eye again and how I will be able to get back to life as it was and. In this journal I will explain what happened I will explain how it can happen to anyone and I will explain the Close relationship that I had with my twin flame and try to navigate this event and the court system and how I've been trying to navigate this nightmare, still confused about having this happen with the person that I considered one of my best friends for over six years, learning about the corrupt justice system, and I hope that my journey will help other people heal.