Quinn Wardwell #QuinnStrong

First post: Apr 30, 2020 Latest post: May 26, 2020
On Tuesday, April 28th, while playing basketball in his driveway, Quinn suffered from a medical emergency.   Thankfully, Quinn was with Duncan and Alex and they jumped into action supporting him with CPR and calling 911.   Quinn was rushed to the University of Vermont Medical Center where he has been in the pediatric Intensive Care Unit since.   
Two days later, Quinn remains intubated and sedated but has shown promising signs that his body is trying to heal.  In brief moments of consciousness, he has responded to requests from nurses and doctors to wiggle his toes, squeeze hands and give a thumbs up.   He has also shown a dislike for the vent tube, which is good because it tells us he is responding to sensory stimuli.  
While Quinn's liver and kidney functions have stabilized, he still has some hurdles to overcome.  As of today, he is dealing with a fever and an infection in his lungs and his heart has been damaged to some extent.  It will be a few more days before his wonderful team of doctors can fully determine what caused the damage and then decide what they need to do to address it.   The first hurdle is to control the fever and clear his lungs, then the docs can focus on his heart.  
Quinn has youth on his side.  He is strong and athletic and was in very good health before this unexpected event, so these are positives he and his family are building on.   We thank you for sending Quinn, Amy, Duncan and Alex positive thoughts and prayers, as they navigate this trying time.