Quincy Camper

This is Quincy’s CaringBridge website. We will use it to post updates about Quincy’s progress and for people to post their well-wishes and words of encouragement to Quincy. Please visit the “well-wishes” tab to leave a message for Quincy to read when she is able to. Her gofundme is also linked in the “ways to help” tab. We appreciate your support and any words of hope and encouragement/prayers. 
Quincy’s story:

As of right now, Quincy is still in the ICU in UC Davis after being diagnosed with leukemia. She is sedated and on a ventilator and currently receiving chemotherapy there. She was first admitted to Sonora Regional Hospital because of her breathing problems. They drained 3 liters of fluid from her lungs which hardly put a dent in it. The doctor diagnosed her with leukemia and she was to be transferred to UC Davis. After being taken there by ambulance, she was admitted to the pediatric floor. There she received multiple surgeries/procedures, started chemo, and then was transferred to the ICU and put on a ventilator. She’s hooked up to many lines/ports/drains. She’s had multiple complications there including blood clots, fever, throwing up blood, and trouble getting oxygen because of a collapsed lung (which is why she was put on the ventilator). 
Four days ago, it was determined the chemotherapy would not be affective and Quincy would need to be transferred to UCSF to get a bone marrow transplant after she has recovered from chemo and her lungs have improved. She will have to stay there for three months.