Jake MacLeod Pray For Jake

First post: Jan 4, 2021 Latest post: Jan 9, 2022
In hopes to keep everyone up to date on Dad/Jake's Covid journey, we decided to set up this site for him.  We are so appreciative for everyone who is reading this and praying for him. Here's a little bit about where he has been and where we are now in battling this awful virus.  On Christmas Eve he started developing Covid symptoms and tested positive a few days later.  My Mom/Connie also tested positive for Covid but thankfully her symptoms remained mild. After doing all that they could do from home, and discovering that Dad had pneumonia as well as Covid, he was instructed to go to the hospital for further treatment.  Thus began the second chapter in his battle with Covid.  Dad's numbers continued to trend downward despite many interventions and excellent care.  His oxygen and breathing are a continual struggle and he has not been able to get relief in that arena.   As of now, he has been moved to a Covid ICU unit and they continue to do all that they can, "holding nothing back" to keep him off the ventilator.  He has been given plasma with antibodies in hopes that it will help his body fight Covid, so we need to pray specifically for that. He is beyond exhausted and his body has been through so much.  We covet your prayers, positive energy, and all the love and light you have to throw his way.  My Mom is recovering well but it is absolutely emotionally and mentally taxing having to be separated from Dad as he fights Covid and pneumonia, so please remember her in your prayers as well, shes so strong but this is exceptionally rough and uncharted territory with this scary virus.  
Thank you for caring, thank you for being there for us and thank you for all of the prayers, positivity and for holding out hope. It means the world to us all.  We will update as we know more but please know that we are eternally grateful for all of you...knowing prayers are going up around the world is carrying us through the moments.  Stay safe and love each other big.