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Donna Clay

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Myself, Ryan & Emma Kay are so blessed to have so many friends & family who care for us! We thought this site would be a useful tool to share information about my journey & updates on how I am doing. Please feel free to read my journal updates too. Continue to keep your sweet thoughts & prayers with us. Read my full story, journal & view my photos. Thanks for the love, support, & PRAYERS for DONNA!

Ryan, Emma Kay & I live in Plano, Texas. Ryan & I met in 1998 living in an apartment right next door to each other. I was living with my sister, Angie at the time and would see Ryan from time to time thinking, "My he is so cute!!" Well, to make a really long story short (and to save space), on April 28, 2001 we were married! In 2002 we purchased our first home & were ready to start a family. On November 24, 2003 our sweet Emma Kay came into our lives. She is a pure JOY & BLESSING from God! We have been extremely blessed in all aspects of our lives. We have amazing families, close friends & Lots of love for each other. We have many plans for the future but shortly after Ryan & I returned from our 5 year (wonderful!) anniversary trip to San Francisco our world as we knew it turned into a complete whirlwind of shock & complete disbelief of what was now happening in our lives!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 23, 2006. I discovered the lump on May 15, 2006, by mistake while bending over playing with Emma Kay. No family history of breast cancer so that was not even in my mind. I have no family history. I made an appointment for my yearly OB exam on Thursday, May 18, 2006. My doctor felt the lump he seemed fine but recommended a mammogram since I will be 35. We had been trying to get pregnant since Oct 2005 with no luck,which now I know is a blessing I have not gotten pregnant! Emma Kay was in my cousin's wedding that weekend so I made my appointment for my first mammagram on Monday, May 22nd.

Right from the first mammogram I was fine I thought. When they took me to another mammagram room, took more pictures I started to get a little nervous asking "why so many pictures, this is like the 20th time to be smooshing my boobs!" The sweetest nurse Mary Beth took me to another room for a sonogram & to meet with Dr Miles. Right when she walked in I knew something was wrong. My whole world was about to change like I never invisioned!! My sweet husband was at the office in 30 minutes while my biospy was being done. I had 3 hollow needle staple biopsies. I was told that I would probably have the biopsy results by Wed, May 24th. But the Dr said she was putting a rush so hoped to have sooner. I still had HOPE I would be fine!

On Tues, May 23, 2006 Emma Kay & I were at my parents in Rockwall, Tx . When I returned home I had a message from Dr Miles to give her office a call, she had the results. I called her back at 4:30pm. I had only missed her call by 6 minutes. I was so scared! I prayed before I made that call. The doctor said, "My sweet Donna, this is going to be a long journey for you." She said the results all came back positive. CANCER!! Complete shock! I immediately called mom, right when she answered I think she knew. She was crying. I could not even talk. Dad got on the phone too making me feel stronger & said it is going to be okay because we love you!

It was hard telling my husband when he got home, he was not prepared. The call came a day earlier than expected. Lots of tears. But my sweet Emma Kay, would say, "Mommy where is your happy face?!" She is the reason I will try to have more smiles and laughs than frowns and tears!

That same evening my OB doctor called saying he & Dr Miles were able to review together. He gave me some names of the best breast surgeons in Dallas. Dr Sally Knox is whom I choose as my breast surgeon. My 1st appointment, was June 2nd at 9:00am. I had my two strongest men my be side, Ryan & my Dad! It was an extremely long day. Dr Knox diagnosed me with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Grade III in my left breast. It is a little over 1 inch, scheduled for surgery Thursday, June 8th. A day surgery! 2-3 hours for the procedure/surgery and 2 hours for recovering then I go home that same day to heal. Dr Knox recommended a lumpectomy and taking a group of my lymph nodes under my arm. Then I wait until my follow appointment June 20th for the results. My first visit included blood work, EKG, skelatory X-Rays, Bone Density scan, MRI, CTC scan and met with Dr Knox for June 8, 2006 surgery prep.

The medical details are below:

Diagnosed at age 34 on May 23, 2006
Tumor was 4 cm Grade 3 Stage II (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma)
ER-, PR-, Her2/neu - (Triple negative)
Genetic Testing 10/16/06 BRCA1 & BRCA2 NO Mutation Detected! -I have No Family History-
Opt'ed for a Left breast Lumpectomy w/sentinel node mapping & axillary disection, 3/16 nodes positive on 6/8/06.
Chemo: 4/AC then 4/Taxol (DONE w/CHEMO on 10/20/06)
Radiation: 33 Total (DONE w/Rads on 12/28/06)
5/30/2007 ~ Dx'd w/ early stages of lymphedema in left arm - P/T required every month!

11/9/2007 ~ In ReMission (no evidence of disease!) Yippee!!

9/1/2022- New Breast Cancer diagnosis in right side found during routine yearly 3D imaging/sonoguided needle core biopsy. 

The Need is so STRONG!! The need for a CURE!!