Patrick Cochran Prayers for Patcochran

For family members that have not known, Pat has been going through a medical mystery the past year.
Pat has had 5 previous  incidents where he has passed out for no obvious reason, every episode he has the ambulance has been called and he has been hospitalized every time and discharged the next day with no answers. Pat and  his wife Julie have traveled to many different doctors and even went to Mayo for a couple days of testing, but the cardiologist, and neurologist could not find out what was causing these episodes that were making pat black out .

Early Christmas morning  the ambulance was called out and Pat was airlifted to St. Cloud  and is in the ICU.Pat is now in a none medicated coma, and breathing on his own, which is great news. 

Today December, 27th  Pat started to have  seizures when ever he was stimulated . Doctors have Pat on 4 different type of seizures medications to stop  them but as of now they are not helping. The Neurosurgeon has been running tests non-stop and has even made Pat's case a top priority even with other doctors from all over. Pat's case is very rare and test have been non-stop since they have arrived at the hospital. 
Update: 12/27/18-Pat is in a state of Status Epileptics, (which is continuous seizures without stopping.  An MRI will be done sometime tomorrow.
 Update: 12/28/18-Pat had an MRI this later afternoon to check for brain activity. After waiting for results we were told that the only activity he has was enough to keep him breathing on his own and keeping his blood pressure and his heart stable.
Update: 12/29/18-Many family members came to visit today . The family made the decision that they knew what Pat would want, and are going to take him off the ventilator.  Please continue to pray for Pat's family during this difficult time.
Update; 12/30/18-Pat was stable all threw the night and also stable today, We will be discussing relocating him to a hospice facility closer to home tomorrow, then transferring him the same day.  
Update: 1/1/19 It is with a heavy heart that i inform you that Pat passed away in the early morning. funeral arrangements will be made this week, your prayers are still appreciated for Pats wife Julie their 4 kids and the families during this very difficult time. 

We are very thankful for how great the doctors and Nurses Pat has at the hospital they have treated  him with great care and has helped my  mother during this long days of testing, we appreciate all the prayers sent his way. Please keep the prayers coming for Pats family.  I will update this site as soon as i hear any changes. I  ask that you limit the questions to my mom and let her be there for Pat at this time, texts or calls of reminders of thinking of them is great for her spirit and reminder to be strong.