Colby Purnell Prayers for Colby Purnell

First post: Feb 8, 2021 Latest post: May 18, 2021
(There is a lot of confusion regarding how to help the Purnells financially. A “tribute” gives money to this website (caringbridge). In order to give financial support to the Purnells - it must be done on the “GoFundMe” site.)

Here is an update regarding Colby. 

The whole family is so thankful for the continued prayers for him. 
They have been blessed so much this year by friends and family and could not be more grateful for the tremendous support they have received. 

They appreciate your on-going prayers, and this site will provide you with updates, so  you know how you can pray for Colby and the family.
We want to emphasize that PRAYER is the biggest support we are requesting.

We continue to see God work through this situation and truly are blessed to have the opportunity to depend on Him.

This is a timeline of events for all that has transpired thus far for Colby:

- March: Seizure and surgery to remove brain tumor
- June: MRI revealed a second, smaller tumor in similar location as first. This tumor was not present in the MRI conducted during his surgery.
- July: Colby has another seizure. Doctors are unsure if seizure was due to tumor or weaning off antiseizure medication too soon after surgery.
- August: EEG is unable to determine source of seizure. No abnormal brain activity.
- September: MRI reveals no growth in tumor
- September/October: Colby beginning to have focal seizures (right hand tremors, arm flailing at times, numbness)
- November: Colby has another seizure
- December: Colby’s team of doctors (Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Oncologist) make the decision to plan another surgery to remove the tumor. 

SURGERY DATE planned for Monday, February 22nd. 

It has been difficult for the family (especially Colby) to hear that he is headed down the path of surgery again. There is definitely some fear and anxiousness, but the Purnells continued to be amazed by the peace God brings through the prayers and words of encouragement from so many of their friends and family.

(Note: Most of this information was taken from a December 7th Facebook post made by Colby's father, Dustin.)