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On Sunday, March 24, 2019 my 11 year-old daughter, Ava Vaello, suffered a horrible freak accident that no parent could ever imagine. This page is for prayers, shares, and to help spread the word about a product called, Jaegar bands (sports resistance conditioning arm bands) that could potentially be a dangerous product for youth. 

Ava’s Brother, Noah, is a baseball player and my husband is a volunteer youth baseball coach. We have various equipment used for sports training & conditioning. My son, Noah, hooked one end of the band (the clamp part shown on cover photo) to a tree limb while Ava had the Velcro straps attached to her arms. As Ava pulled back on the bands stretching the band to its fullest the tree limb broke resulting in the clamp knocking into Ava’s stomach. The clamp became lodged in her upper abdomen causing substantial damage. Ava’s surgeons compared her injuries to a gunshot injury. 

Ava was rushed to the University hospital in San Antonio, Texas and spent several hours in surgery. She suffered fractures in ribs 7-9, her spleen was completely damaged and removed, she had a hole in both her liver and diaphragm, and received a blood transfusion. It’s hard to imagine that a Jaegar band caused all this damage.

Ava has a long road to recovery and will spend 3-4 weeks in the hospital, approximately one year to recover, weekly follow-ups with a trauma clinic, no physical activity for one year (she has to pause musical theater and tumbling what she loves most).

I’ve never known anyone to be so strong and Ava is holding on and fighting through this.  Visit Ava’s prayer page on Facebook. 

Please pray for Ava 🙂 
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