River Jianas Pray 4 Baby River

First post: Jul 23, 2019 Latest post: Aug 31, 2019
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My husband Billy and I (Kelly) are excited to welcome our first baby into the world.  I'm pregnant with our son, River Raymond Jianas.  He is due 9/19/19.  On Wednesday July 17, 2019 my water broke at only 30 weeks 6 days pregnant (full term is 40 weeks).  I was admitted to the hospital in the labor and delivery ward and told there was a 50-75% chance I would delver River in the next 24-48 hours.  My amniotic fluid level is a "1," which means a have nearly no fluid left.  The fluid protected River from infection, and typically when the water breaks, the body goes into active labor.

I believe in the power of prayer.  I did not go into labor or deliver, however I am admitted to the hospital until River is born, which could be any day.  My hope is that I can wait until 34-36 weeks, assuming I do not go into labor before then, before having to delivery River early.  As of right now, I will deliver (hopefully vaginally) in an OR and River will go straight back to the NICU for support in whatever way he needs.  The doctors are expecting him to be in the NICU until his due date, so depending when he comes, anywhere from 6-9 weeks.  Right now he is healthy, growing and doing well in my womb, and I'm using this time to relax and show Christ's love and hope to all who enter my hospital room, whether that be a nurse, doctor, housekeeping, kitchen staff, neighbors, volunteers, visitors, etc.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for River to continue to remain in the womb for as long as possible. 
Please pray for no infection, otherwise this would require me to be induced, in order to protect River.
Please pray for a healthy, strong Baby River with no complications from being born early. 
Please pray for his continued brain development, lung development, etc,
Please pray for a shorter than expected NICU visit and that we can hold him and take him home ASAP after delivery. 
Please pray for us to continue to trust in the Lord's financial provision and in His perfect plan.
Please pray for a safe, painless delivery for both River and me.
Please pray for me as a I live in the hospital for up to 5 weeks and continue to bring encouragement and friends and family to visit and help me laugh.

We are grateful and blessed in an abundant amount of ways, and so thankful for your prayers, love and support!  We believe everything is in God's hands.  

Kelly, Billy, Makayla and Baby River