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First post: Mar 14, 2022

Hello, I'm Murat.. (in English it means to want, to wish)

I had a sudden contraction in 2005 and the doctor told me I had Pneumothorax. And I have big bubbles in my lungs. The bubbles are the biggest.. So bonus to my sickness =)
It's been 17 years and I've always tried to be patient, my family ignored it but now the disease is blocking me. And I'm not going to the hospital because I don't have health insurance and of course I don't have any money. If I had money, I wouldn't want to go to the hospital again. I would spend money to get my children's lives in order. Before I died, I used to dream of buying a house for my children. But the world has become such that even dreams are very expensive now. I live alone, my kids live 700 miles away from me. This site made me laugh a little pathetically, as it aims to bring together the families and relatives of people in distress. I laughed because my family and relatives have always destroyed me, only my children are left. I don't think my children will destroy me. I no longer own anything. There is only God and me. Anyway, my illness continues. It's really hard to breathe, walk, move. 
I searched for the answer to the question of why I am on this site. Yes, I think I found the answer to why I am on this site. We are people who experience common pain with the same feelings, and we all share this pain. So I had an idea to slightly cure these common aches. I'll tell you what my opinion is. Can you follow the updates.. I would be very pleased. Thank you.