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First post: Mar 31, 2021 Latest post: Jan 4, 2022
On August 14, 2018 we took Kaitlyn (Pookie) to Gillette children’s hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota for a MRI because she was complaining of neck pain. During the MRI the brain surgeon came out and introduced hisself and told us the worst thing ANY parent can hear “they found a mass on her brain”.  They immediately admitted her to the hospital and the following day (August 15,2018) she had brain surgery. After her surgery, she ended up getting posterior fossa syndromes, she couldn’t talk, walk, NOTHING 😭 Her pathology report came back as medulloblastoma.

On September 8th we were sent over to the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s hospital in Minneapolis, MN for her chemo treatments. She had 3 induction rounds followed by 3 high dose chemo followed by stem cell transplant. She completed chemo in May, 2019. She was cancer free.

On March 30, 2021, we had a normal MRI scan, and we heard those devastating words again “it’s back” 😭. 

I decided to make this so it would be easier to update everyone. Please keep the prayers coming for our little girl. She is one strong girl and has been through so much already. 

We appreciate every single one of you. 
Desi Brandon Kaitlyn (Pookie) and Family.