Phil got his fancy wheelchair today.

Phil Grom Phil's Journey with ALS

First post: Apr 1, 2019 Latest post: Sep 30, 2019

Phil Grom was diagnosed with ALS on March 13th.  See the ALS Association website for more info.

This was a bit of a shock as we thought that the problem stemmed from stenosis in three vertebrae in his back. During the pre-op appointment on March 11th, the doctor agreed that there was more going on since back issues don't normally cause weakness in your arms.  Luckily, Dr. Jackson admitted Phil into KU Med and we were able to get an MRI and multiple neurological tests within the span of 48 hours.  Not good news, but we have a diagnosis.

On March 16th, we moved to the Rapid Recovery Center at Pioneer Ridge here in Lawrence to gain some strength and help learn now to deal with our new normal.  He works with OT and PT every day.  With a little assistance, Phil is able to stand and walk for short periods of time with the aid of a walker.