Phyllis Crooms

As you all know, Phyllis is is one strong woman! Unfortunately, she has been asked to fight in another battle with cancer. She had been experiencing neck pain for some time, and was finally able to get an MRI. A mass was seen on her neck, and she was asked to get to the hospital as soon as possible. On 21 July, after a couple days in the hospital, she had surgery to remove the mass. After a few days of recovering at the hospital, she will now be transferred to an in-patient rehabilitation center for two weeks where they will help her recover properly so she can return home safely. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, she will only be allowed one designated visitor for her entire stay at the rehabilitation facility. This person has already graciously volunteered. We created this site so all of her loved ones can get updates and provide their thoughts, well wishes,  and even their services to help during this difficult time. Please check in for updates on her condition, leave messages for her to read as she pushes through rehab, and look at the "Ways to Help" tab to see if there is anything you would like to help with. Please use this site as your tool to stay updated to take the burden off of Phyllis and family. 

This will be a long road to recovery for Phyllis that will last well in to the new year and she will need all of us within her circle to help push her through. With the Lord's grace, Phyllis's strength and love and prayers from all of you, we know she will come out of this stronger than ever! Thank you for visiting the site, and thank you for any support you are able to give!