Phoebe Jonas

First post: Dec 16, 2019 Latest post: Apr 13, 2020

Phoebe,  our middle daughter, walked into Children's Hospital in Aurora, CO on December 11, 2019.  This was a planned surgery to repair her heart valves as a result of her Marfan Syndrome.  As we walked in, she said "Mom, all I want to do is glorify God through this situation."  Well, she is most certainly doing so.  A few months ago, Aug 1st, our youngest daughter Eliza had the same surgery.  A few days before Eliza's surgery we were listening to a song that said "God can take this away with a snap of His finger."  I stopped the song, asked the girls if they believe God can fix it and they both said "Yes". I then said, "That means God is CHOOSING to allow you to suffer through this surgery. How does that make you feel?"  Phoebe immediately said, "Great Mom because I know God has a plan."  God does have a plan and you are all testimony and part of His plan.

Some have nick named her MG for “Miracle Girl”. Phoebe, has miraculously beat the odds since her open heart surgery on December 11th.  This is a place to follow the Jonas family’s journey and offer support and words of encouragement.  We can now also call her The Bionic Woman. She has metal rods in her back from a spinal fusion 2.5 years ago and now she will have 1  or 2 metal devices inserted to make her heart work.  The months prior to her planned surgery she repeatedly said she is excited to be "double-zipped" meaning a huge scar on her back and now one on the front as well.  She was teasing with her two sisters stating that she'll be able to say "I've been impaled" a quote from Frozen1 meaning she's been opened clear through.  She has such a love for life, a very odd sense of humor due to her surgeries, and a child-like faith in all she encounters.  Nothing worries her and she is always trying to get people to laugh.  Her Dad says she never sees anything bad coming because she's too busy smelling the daisies. God is not done with her and I am confident we'll keep her for many years to come.  Thank you for walking this journey with us.