Phil Herschberger Phil's cancer journey

First post: Aug 18, 2022 Latest post: Dec 8, 2022

Here is the back story:

The love and prayers of so many have already overwhelmed us with so much encouragement.   Our burden is lighter because of it.  Thanks so much!

I first discovered  my  cancer after failing an airport security screening check in June.  It detected a "foreign object" in my pants pocket.  I went digging for loose change, but found  a small chicken egg size mass on my upper thigh.   My family doctor was not too concerned but said I should have it checked.  An MRI report on July 20 confirmed the mass to be highly suspicious of being cancer  Further tests confirmed that it is B cell Lymphoma in stage 4  due to it being in the bones, but did not detect cancer in any vital organs.   The cancer doctor acknowledges that it is aggressive and fast growing but is confident in an effective treatment and that a complete cure is the goal.  Chemo treatment began August 18, with six treatments scheduled, 3 weeks apart.  Beyond the mass, I still have no symptoms from the cancer.

My deepest heart's desire is that this site will inspire you to know God in a more intimate way and to worship Him as the awesome God that He is.  This journey has already profoundly effected me in this way.  My heavenly Father has been so deeply precious to me in these weeks of uncertainty, panic about the outcome, and facing potential death.  There is nothing quite like knowing you have a deadly disease, that if not healed by God or treated properly will most certainly end your life.  Technically I know I am mortal, but often don't completely live like I believe it.  Life is short, eternity is so long - forever.  My prayer is that your faith would be in Jesus' shed blood for your sins, that your life is totally surrendered to him, and that you may rest in his assurance of a home with Him some day.  I have that peace and it is worth everything.  More then ever I want everyone to know about this incredible hope that gives purpose even when facing hard things.

I could write so much more about what God has showed me, the truth that has set my heart free, the precious connections with family and friends, and the overwhelming love of so many.  Instead, I invite you on this journey as I update occasionally along the way.  Thank you so much for your love and prayers and for how your friendship has blessed me.