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First post: Oct 10, 2018
Dearest Relatives, Friends, Family of Pete Yellowjohn, Hovia, and ALL Those Interested... 

Pete Yellowjohn, a Traditional Shoshone Elder, Bundle Keeper, and Medicine Man is now in a place of desprately needing our help and support! 
He has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease called Amyloidosis which is causing his kidneys to fail. They are treating his blood with Chemotherapy once a week in Salt Lake City, which is a 177 mile drive each way from the Ft Hall Reservation Idaho where he lives with his wife Hovia and young son Nabuiginnah (aka Naboo) whom is almost 2 years old. Both of whom he supports and Loves so much. 
Pete will have a cathader installed in his abdomen soon, and attend a week long class in Salt Lake City to teach him how to start administering Peritoneal Dialysis on himself everyday for 10 hours, with a machine that will be installed in his home. He has had to rearange his home to accomodate the equipment. 
He is not eligable for Kidney transplant till the blood disorder is taken care of, and insurance won't cover till both kidneys have failed. Needless to say Insurance is not covering all of his medical needs and expenses at this time, nor is Indian Health Services able to provide for him. Pete had to quit his job this week because the kidney disease affects his everyday function, he is extremely fatigued, often home bound, and can no longer work. 
In his own words "I’m trying to do all this for the sake of my boy! He means a lot to me and I want to be able to watch him grow up !"