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First post: Aug 12, 2017 Latest post: Oct 26, 2022
- nov 2017 given 30-60 days to live - 2 1/2 year battle of stage 4 cancer,  received pathology report 5/24/30 CANCER IS GONE: scans in oct 2020 and Jan 2021 showed no cancer - praise God.

Today is 1/7/21 - 3 years (day 1,096) past my expiration date (11/7/17 they told me I had 30-60 days to live, making 1/7/18 my expiration date). I celebrate 3 years of being here on earth when the smartest people I ever met told me I would not be here and my kids would no longer have their earthly father. I celebrate  of being with my family and kids, of doing life with Jessica, of being a child of God, of being part of His Kingdom, 

- participating the simple, and joy, 
- participating in the hard things and disappointments. I celebrate Life.
After my final tumor removal last May (2020), and tumor biopsy showed no cancer - and for the first time was told “there’s no cancer in your body.” - I now receive 12-week scans. The scan on Tuesday, 1/5/21 was clear of any cancer returning. This was a significant scan as I stopped my immunotherapy treatments in April and potentially it stays in your system for several months.

I didn’t know how heavy this was laying on me until after I saw the wonderful results.

I also celebrate the many friends, family, and friends of friends I have never met but have continued to pray and given generously of time and resources. Thank you.

Iosa Mo Dochas Amhain

Jesus My Hope Only


Peters story below
Updated  1/7/21 3 years - day 1,096 since expiration date of 1/7/18 - Thank You Jesus
- video of  8/7/19 2 yr cancer journey link

After being diagnosed with stage 4 lower bowel cancer in aug 2017, I was told I had 30-60 days to live on 11/7/17 (my 60 day expiration date was 1/7/18). After there were “too many tumors to count,” Tumors were reduced in 2018 to 2 tumors: a spot on my lung and a 3cm liver tumor.  2019 was steady with the tumors remaining but no new growth. May 2020  last tumor was removed from liver and for the first time was told there is no cancer in your body. Scans oct 2020 and Jan 2021 were all clear of cancer.

- summary
- overview
- current prayer request
- timeline details

We are humbled and incredibly grateful for so many people praying, helping, and donating funds for continued medical expenses. I believe I have experienced healing from God supernaturally in my body, working with the timing of treatments, as well as his powerful presence being close to our family during this time. My current results have gone way beyond what medical professionals expected. I am the only one left on the immunotherapy case study, seeing results of both cancer diminishing and organs not having side affects. I give jesus my healer credit.

June 2019 scan and bloodwork
We saw significant reduction For a year from nov 2017 thru October 2018 - tumors in lungs, kidneys, abdomen have disappeared - 2 remaining tumors a spot on my limb and a liver tumor that reduced from 8cm to 3.1 cm and Reduction then stalled until nov 2019 showed some small reduction.

The 2 year Immunotherapy case study ended in nov 2019 and I am continuing on three week treatments that I’ll stop sometime in 2020. When I started immunotherapy they told me most likely I would only be on it  7-8 months.because my organs couldn’t take it. After 18 months they told me I was the only one left on the case study. 2 of the doctors on the study team doubt immunotherapy helped me because of different markers in my bloodwork (more praise to jesus for supernatural healing).

The feb 2020 pet scan indicated no cancer activity in the liver tumor - very good news.
And as of the spring of 2020 we are looking to sometime this year to stop the immunotherapy, surgically hook up my colon And remove the liver tumor.

Aug 4,2017 I was diagnosed with stage 4 lowerbowel cancer. In November, 2017 was told I had 30-60 days to live. We have been seeing cancer reduction since January, 2018 and In July 2018 only two tumors are detected. 

Amazing prayer gatherings, personal times and prayer flags, visits and cards from close and long time friends, help with house projects, rides to dr appointments and treatments have all been such a special part of this journey.

prayer themes 
we have adopted have been:
- “Iosa Mo dochus - Ahmed” jesus my hope only
- “Cancer must go,”
- Shadrack, meshack and obedigo before being thrown into the firy furnace - “we know God can save us, we hope he does, but if he doesn’t he is still a good God.”
- Hezakiah’s prayer for 15 more years after he had a lethal disease

Current prayer requests:
- God be glorified throughout this journey 
- Jessica and kids: this has taken a toll on all of us
- Cancer must go: continued and complete healing. No new disease and remaining tumor completely shrink and go away
- Organs stay strong and no negative side effects from immunotherapy and treatments
- Kidneys: kidney stent was removed in April. 2018. We continue to monitor them - they are functioning equally but the right one drains slower.
- Neuropathy in feet and thigh be reversed
- Discernment of ongoing alternative health treatments
- Provision for ongoing health expenses
- New normal: navigating rhythms of work and family with a lower capacity and ongoing treatments

Story timeline (more details)
Original Diagnosis showed a main tumor in the abdomen of 9cm and the cancer manastitizing to the liver where I had a 2 cm tumor (this tumor grew to 8 cm in nov, 2017 and then shrunk to 3.5 cm July, 2018 and is the only tumor remaining).

I had chemo in August and September (we discovered chemo had no affect), we discovered the main tumor was growing at an aggressive rate of doubling every 60 days.

then in October had surgery to remove main tumor that had doubled in volume to 11cm (small volleyball).

 i was told on November 7th, 2017 that the cancer was growing like wild fire. Along with with tumors in my liver, there where now tumors everywhere (lungs, kidneys and abdomen s too many to count). I was given 30-60 days to live.

My oncologist said there is nothing else to try and pointed me to a Mayo Clinic case study with immunotherapy.

I reached a low point at the end of November  (70 lbs lighter than 4 months earlier). As the holidays approached we were in a roller coaster of emotions. Ferverently praying for healing but preparing our kids for the worst. I slowly began to gain weight and some energy returned each week in December.

Jan 30, 2018 was my first scan that showed cancer reduction.

My 2018 12 week scans in January,April, July and october have all shown cancer being reduced and no new disease.

The October 9, 2018 scan showed a spot in my lung and the liver tumor remaining (one of the 2 original tumors detected). The liver tumor grew as large as 8cm in November 2017 and now reduced to 3.4cm x 2.6cm. No change to the tumor size  was detected over the next year and then in Nov 2019 the liver tumor size reduced to 2.5 cm.

2/10/20 scan:  “No New Disease," 2 Tumors remain. 1st pet scan since 2017 (usually get 3 month ct scans),  No cancer activity detected in tumor. Suspect tumor may be dead.

As of march 2020, we are Looking to stop immunotherapy and have a surgery to remove liver tumor and reconnect the colon.

We continue to pray for a complete healing and the grace to live daily with the unknown. please also pray for our family and as we journy with a new life style of continued treatments and healthy eating and life style choices.

I am fortunate to be partaking in a immunotherapy (kaytruda) case study at the Mayo Clinic. Kaytruda was developed for skin and blood type cancers. My case study is experimenting with low doses of kaytruda on Lower bowel cancer. A qualifier was that chemo was tried but had no results. Immunotherapy is different from Chemo In that it focuses on the proteins in the walls of the cancer and allows your own immune system to recognize and attack the cancer (where chemo kills the cancer cells while killing all your healthy immune system cells at the same time).

Boosting my immune system via nutrition, supplements and alternative treatments has been an important aspect that has partnered with the immunotherapy.

My case study only began a month before I entered. If my cancer would have been detected even just a few Months earlier it’s likely I would not have known about the case study.

Nutrition, and alternative treatments 

If anyone desires more details of my nutritional, alt treatments and supplement regiment please contact me

Treating the cause vs attacking the cancer has resonated with me personally. is a Popular blog that speaks to a wholistic nutritional approach. In general I look to do all that is possible (with my limited resources) to boost my immune and healing system In My body. 

- High alcholine diet (vegetarian, low sugar, gluten free, low dairy) and 
- juicing : 40 oz of green based juice a day
- wheat grass and barley
- Liver cleanses
Suppliments and vitamins

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