Peter Stachowicz

First post: Jan 15, 2018 Latest post: May 27, 2023
Hello, everyone. This is Peter's sister. Peter was diagnosed with a rare, inoperable brain tumor on the left side of his brain.  It affects his speech, communication, and movement on his right side. We found out about his tumor when he had a seizure and collapsed at work on Jan 4th.  He was rushed to St Joseph’s in St. Paul. We're thankful he collapsed at work and not while he was driving or walking in the subzero weather. After keeping him for two days in the ICU, running a battery of tests, they cleared him to go home with the diagnosis of a Brain tumor.  We then made the decision to take him to Mayo Clinic -only 1 hr 50 minutes from our home. They made an appt and saw him six days later. Their neurosurgeons are ranked #1 in the nation. We felt we made the best choice for care for him.   We believe that the entire oncology and surgical team have already saved his life once with aggressive and out-of the-norm treatment. 

Peter is very frustrated that he can't work. He worked so hard getting his degree at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and studying abroad at University of Leeds, UK. He landed a great job he loves as a Business Technology  Analyst at Securian Financial in St. Paul.

Feel free to post your well-wishes here. We know he’d love to receive them!

Our whole family would like to thank you for reading Peter’s story. We will be updating with future posts. We ask for your continued prayers for healing and strength, positive thoughts and love during this time. Thank you.