Rolf Peterson

First post: Apr 23, 2019 Latest post: Mar 19, 2020
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Rolf peterson is an army veteran, retired fire chief, retired co officer for Dakota county, retired officer for lakeville, retired EMT, amazing father to Kjerstin, and amazing husband to Lisa. Rolf was diagnosed with Myocardiomypothy & Congestive heart failure in 2015 and it was caught late. He has had about 6 heart surgeries and about 10 close to death experiences. In 2016 his defibrillator went off for the first time, shocking him over 20 times to bring him back (the average is 4-8). After than things went down hill fast, he’s had countless surgeries, and now is faced with kidney failure as well and has now been on dialysis for over a year. We had a close call over Christmas when he’s dialysis routine was not kept up and toxins over took his body, he became incoherent and was in excruciating pain, we had to keep him in a drug induced coma. He was in the hospital for about 5 days but the first two were almost his last. But they got him dialysis as soon as they could and yet again he pulled through like the warrior he is. He’s been in the hospital countless time and is on many medications. Rolf has been turned down by Mayo Clinic the last chance at helping the situation because their insurance does not cover it and they can’t afford it. His wife is the only one who can work for money. Due to the medical bills and medication cost is it hard for them to keep up and be comfortable. Anything helps our family. Especially prayer.