Peter Kreiner

First post: Jul 16, 2022 Latest post: Sep 8, 2022
On Friday, July 8th, Peter Kreiner was in a serious car accident. He was in the passenger seat and took a significant amount of impact on his left side. He was airlifted that evening to Beaumont in Royal Oak and has been there in the ICU. Laura, his wife of 42 years, has been with him every day since. He had a prompt surgery at Beaumont to remove his ruptured spleen. The operation went well and we are extremely grateful that they were able to stop the internal bleeding it was causing. Many scans later, Peter's list of injuries is very long. Luckily, at this point, it seems that he will not need any more operations for immediate recovery. The teams of medical personnel continue to monitor the brain bleed that occurred, numerous facial and jaw fractures, and fractures in his left scapula and left pelvic area among other things.
Peter was ready to ditch the hospital on day one; which will not surprise those of you who know him personally.  Unfortunately he will be there a while as the medical staff continue to monitor his condition and get him started on his way to recovery.
Thankfully,  all medical expenses related to Peter's accident will be covered by auto insurance except a negligible deductible. We are relieved to not have that financial stress hanging over us. However, if you do want to contribute in a monetary way, we started a gofundme page to cover some extra costs associated with the situation such as: travel costs to and from the hospital, meals for Laura and family that are spending the day with Peter at the hospital, the normal household bills that still role in even though Peter and Laura aren't home and any other expenses that might mount up related to Peter's accident and injuries. 
As  one of Peter and Laura's children, I can say that all of us kids have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of prayers, support and offers to help in this very difficult time. Thank you so much for all of your kindness! The care and concern for dad have been tremendous. 
We will do our best to keep everyone updated on Peter's condition. Please sign up for updates through this site if you would like to get the latest and greatest as we find out. 
Feel free to send well wishes and cards digitally to Lisa (Pete's daughter) or via mail to Pete and Laura's house care of Jake Kreiner. We will consolidate it all and make sure Peter gets it. He loves talking with people, so this will be our way of expressing to him that people still are thinking of him and wanting to chat with him too. 
If there are any new ways that people can help out, we will update everyone on this site. Thus far though, it has been more of a waiting experience requiring patience. Day by day family has taken turns to be at the hospital with Pete and Laura as Peter gets his bearings and the medical teams do their jobs finding and monitoring his injuries. 
Thank you again for all the prayers and care for Pete!