Peggy Fulton Peggy Jo Fulton

First post: Sep 16, 2018 Latest post: Sep 21, 2018
Peggy Jo retired in Las Vegas in 1999 after a successful career in upper management at Northrup Grumman in Los Angeles. She moved into the house on Biscayne Lane with her mother, the Amazing Nora, her beloved son Joe IV, and a changing assortment of dogs and cats. She immediately began making friends with the locals as well as inviting all of her friends from DC, New York, Los Angeles and Detroit to visit as often as possible. Peggy loved a party and every Christmas had a sit down dinner for 40 plus friends. She also loved to travel. She took Joe around the world by the time he graduated from high school. They went to the Caribbean, all over Europe, England, Ireland, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. And of course, every summer Martha's Vineyard. It was on her way for one last Vineyard trip that the cancer that she had so bravely fought off over the last 16 years finally overcame her. Peggy had so much energy that many friends had no idea that she was living with cancer and she had successfully been treated for it several times. This time she chose to stop the chemo that was causing so much distress yet not stopping the cancer. She will finish her last journey at home, surrounded by friends and family.