Payton Kemper Payton Kemper

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Payton Marie Kemper was born at 22 weeks and 5 days gestation on April 27th at 9:06 pm. She was lbs 2 oz 11 in. Long and had a head circumference of 7 in. 

Payton was born early because I had chronic placental abruption.  Around 2am on April 27th I was having  contractions and big bursts of blood coming out so around 5am I went to the ER in Red Wing .  Since  Red Wing doesn’t deliver babies earlier than 36 weeks I was brought by ambulance to Methodist Hospital in Rochester. During my labor my body was releasing blood clots bigger than Payton. When Payton was born she was still in her sack. With only a 7% chance to liv Payton was  immediately  taken into the next room to be cut out of her sack and hooked up to breathing tubes. Once apayton was stable enough to transport they brought her over to the NICU at St. Mary’s. I had to stay the night at Methodist and watch Payton on a television screen.   The doctors soon discovered Payton was also born with a blood clot in her heart. She was put on blood thinners to help shrink the clot and get it stable.   We are still hoping Payton can come home this fall.