Paul Stewart

First post: Feb 18, 2021 Latest post: Aug 19, 2021
On Sunday, February 14th my dad was taken by ambulance to Meridian Park Hospital with some symptoms that didn't seem normal, including severe dizziness and we later found out that he had suffered from a right Pontine stroke.  He is currently dealing with severe, severe vertigo (so bad that he often thinks he is upside down and falling out of his bed), trouble swallowing and risk of choking on food, blood pressure that drops too quickly when he goes from a lying down to a sitting person and a hoarse voice that is super quiet.

We would appreciate prayers for stanima for both of us.  Due to Covid I am the only one allowed to visit him for the duration of his stay and I like to go twice a day to check on him and talk to his nurses.  Prayers for healing for my dad and for his doctors and his medical team to know the best way to help him.


We are hoping to get him into the RIO program at Good Samaritan Hospital for some intensive rehab.  We are not sure when this will happen.  Until his blood pressure stabilizes and he is a little more stable I am not sure they want to transfer him.


He does have his phone with him, but often can't text back because of his dizziness he can't see the letters on his phone good enough to send a text back.  Feel free to send a text though and when he is able I am sure he would love to read words of encouragement and prayer.