Paul Steven Howard

First post: Aug 24, 2022 Latest post: Feb 24, 2024
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

On Monday, July 25, 2022, Paul was working out with a friend, client, EMT/Fireman at our home and he endured a stroke.  Paul was taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis to receive the best and fastest care that the EMT's thought he would get, and they were right.    The urgency of getting help right away when someone has had a stroke is very important.   From the time he had his stroke to the time he was in surgery that evening, was 2 hours.   This was very fast.   The drip medication that dissolves clots was given to him but not successful.    Medical staff called in the surgeons and they would have to into the artery of his brain and get the clot to pull it out.   It took longer than normal and it wasn't easy,  but they got it.   A normal pass of getting a clot is 2-3 and it took them 9 passes to get his.   We weren't able to see him until the next day in ICU where he would stay for almost 3 days.   He was moved to a regular room for the next 6 days and eventually to acute rehab to start working on regaining movement again.  He had lost all movement on the left side of his body, called left neglect.  This event has shaken us in ways we can't explain.  

Paul has worked so hard over the past 3 weeks in rehab.  We have seen SO much improvement and movement, mainly in his leg and his face.  We love seeing his bigger smile although it takes a little more effort to get it there.  He is definitely putting in the work and making things happen in order to get home.    He has enjoyed every visitor, card, text, calls of encouragement. love and support you have shown.  We appreciate them all so much.   I, Tanya, have truly appreciated all the support, meals, gift cards, offers of help, encouragement and love.  It means so much to have this from family and friends as we walk this new journey we are on.

Please continue to pray for us as he continues to recover and we find our new normal.  This site will allow friends and family to help where and when they can and feel led to.   There is a meal train set up for when he returns home and items listed of where we might need some help with various things.   If unable to give in any of these ways, please know that prayers are just as important and we value  those as much as the monetary or physical giving.

Thank you for sharing words of encouragement and well wishes for Paul here on this site.   I will update here as we move forward with his progress and transition home.