Paul Lundberg

First post: Oct 23, 2019 Latest post: Mar 5, 2023

As some of you may know Matt, Paul (7 years old) and I (Anne) are in Fargo. To give you the last couple months in a nutshell.....we found out on Thursday from a CT Scan that Paul has a mass on his brain and that we needed to Fargo ASAP. After a fun ambulance ride strapped in like a nascar driver we made it. Once here we were told that the mass is actually a brain tumor. That afternoon/evening there main goal was to get Paul comfortable for surgery the next day and to have an MRI which he did Thursday evening around 10PM. Friday morning our surgeon came in to discuss the MRI findings, which was a 2nd mass. Not what we had anticipated. With the location of the 2nd mass she was not able to remove that one. We spent a long Friday waiting while Paul was in surgery. He left us around 9:30am and was not brought back until 8pm. The mass that they were able to remove was roughly the size of a golf ball. They have sent that mass to have pathology testing done on it. Once those results are back they will know how to proceed with the 2nd mass.