Paul Inselman

First post: May 3, 2019 Latest post: May 11, 2019
TO STAY UP TO DATE DOWNLOAD THE APP AND FOLLOW HIS JOURNEY OTHERWISE JUST KEEP CLICKING ON THE LINK YOU RECEIVED! I will post updates in the order they happened as we are late to making this site for you all. Please keep following the site for updates and not text the family as much as they are going thru a lot. Thank you. Paul had a very intense fall back in February. He was taken to the hospital scanned and then found no issues. Over the months he started to have speech and movement problems and was taken in again and they found a bleed on his brain and it was putting a lot of pressure(swelling) around the brain. He went into surgery to release pressure! Shortly after the brain swelling went down it opened up another bleed that was being held closed by the brain swelling. That then cause him to start seizing and vitals started dropping.