Pauline Knittel

First post: Aug 8, 2022 Latest post: Nov 10, 2022
Our mom, Pauline was admitted to Stormont Vail on Monday.  We are saddened to say that she will not recover and in honor of her wish to pass with grace to be with our dad and brother Jack, we have made the difficult decision to place her in hospice here in Stormont Vail.   

We know that many of you will wish to come by and visit her and say goodbye and we welcome your visit.  As we are in a hospital, we ask that you notify one of us by text if you plan to visit so we can manage the number of visitors at one time.  Please understand that she is not able to communicate consistently but we know she will be pleased to have visitors for short periods of time.

Mark, LeeAnne, Susan and Amy

Mom is a wonderful artist and pianist who has lived a full and joyful life.   All of us are in awe of her ability to see a mountain, flower, stream - you name it, and turn it into a beautiful painting.  We'd love to have you share any pictures of her or her paintings on the stories page for others to enjoy! 
She loves to travel to see all of us and our families and enjoy life with her new friends at McCrite.   We are blessed to have her as our mother and thankful for the time we have had with her.