Paul Hahn

First post: May 21, 2022 Latest post: Mar 17, 2023
On Friday, May 20th, at 3:06 pm, Dad was vacuuming the stairs with his shop vac.  He was halfway down the stairs when he and the shop vac fell to the ground.  He was unconscious for six minutes.  When he came to, he was very confused and groaned and grunted.  From there, he could only say yes and no to the paramedic's questions and he did not know where he was or what day it was.  On the way to the hospital in the ambulance, he knew what year it was, his birthday, and who Mom was.  He repeatedly asked if someone could help him take his neck brace off.  When he was in the ER, he fell back into a non-verbal state and didn’t say a word again until June 18th.  

Here are the surgeries Dad has had so far:
May 20th at 9:16 pm: Emergency craniectomy 
May 27th at 1:30 pm: Tracheostomy and PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy)
June 16th at 8:30 am: Cranioplasty
October 7th at 6:00 pm: Hip repair surgery

Here is the timeline of Dad's recovery:

Day 1: ER
Days 2 - 10: Neuro ICU at Memorial Hermann Hospital
Days 11 - 26: Long-term acute care at Kindred Hospital
Days 26 - 28: Neuro IMU at Memorial Hermann Hospital
Days 28 - 33: Neuro ICU at Memorial Hermann Hospital
Days 33 - 34: Neuro acute care at Memorial Hermann Hospital
Days 34 - 57: TIRR Rehab Hospital