Patty Lou #JohnsonStrong Patty Lou's Fight

First post: Mar 14, 2018 Latest post: Oct 10, 2018
Patty, Patty Lou, Mimi, Mom, matter who she is to you...she needs your prayers! Out of the blue, on Friday, Feburary 23rd Patty began experiencing bad indigestion which progressed over the weekend. Stanley finally convinced her to go to he ER at Chesapeake Regional Sunday/early Monday February 26th morning. After a few x-rays and rest, they discharged her Friday, March 2nd. Upon returning home for just three hours, she was in horrible pain again. Stan decided to take her to Sentara Leigh this time. After just a few days at Sentara Leigh, a few more tests, the surgeon decided to go in as an exploratory surgery to see what was going on. Once inside her abdomen, Dr. Fontana, found a tumor mass low in her pelvic region which was blocking her intestine, causing the pain and discomfort. While in there, Dr. Fontana also noticed lots of small cancerous spots/tumors scattered all over the abdomen. As he descirbed it to us, imagine a baker taking flour in his fingers and flicking it inside her abdominal cavity. It was speckled with white specks all over. Dr. Fontana was able to get many biopsy samples for pathology, but knew immediatly it was cancer. Pathology results came back, Tuesday, March 13th but were not able to pinpoint the exact origination. Diagnosis is an advanced, rare cancer called Primary Peritoneal Cancer (PPC). The only current treament is chemotherapy and prayers. Please continue prayers for my sweet Momma.