Patti Goyette

Patti is 66 years old and has lived in Lacrosse throughout the 20+ years she has been married to Randy Goyette. Between her and Randy, they have 7 grown children, 8 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Patti has always been an avid collector of antiques and dolls, but has sacrificed much of that to pay for her ever growing bills caused by the cancer. Patti and Randy have donated a lot of their time, money and energy to help with the homeless population, still accepting and delivering donations every week throughout Patti's extensive cancer treatments. Her wish during this difficult time is not for a vacation or extravagant "final wish" but to be able to cover medical expenses so that they can continue to operate their business, and leave behind something for Randy and their families to have after she is gone.  Patti has been fighting cancer for over a year. She has recently learned that it has spread extensively and is anticipating more care needs and expenses. 

She and her Husband Randy own and operate The La Crosse Olive Oil store at 515 Main St Downtown La Crosse, where donations can be dropped off also. 
Patti now will have to go through more treatments, that means less time at her store. 
She needs our prayers and our help!
Please help us raise some cash to help with her day to day expenses. 

God Bless you everyone, thanks for your help!