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First post: Jul 25, 2020 Latest post: Aug 26, 2020
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Patti has had  a battle with Glioblastoma for the last couple of years, beginning with surgery for removal of the tumor in January, 2019.  She then underwent chemotherapy, lost all her hair, but remained in good spirits.  Her faith helped get her through it.  During her phase of her hair falling out, I got a buzz cut to support her during this period.  We would talk a few days a week and pray with and for each other.  She seemed to be doing fine.  She then went on a device called OPTUNE, where she had to have electrodes for electrical stimulation to her brain, which is thought to interrupt the glioblastoma growth.  She had to wear this device at least 16 hours a day!    Gary had to apply the electrode pads to her scalp every morning and help remove them at night.  Daily, this involved  shaving Patti's head, applying the pads, and electrodes in a particular pattern putting on a special cap,  attaching the electrical stimulator and batteries into a special pack which she had to carry.  An MRI was taken after awhile, and the Glioblastoma had grown.  Patti opted to have another surgery to try and remove the growing tumor.   After the second surgery, Patti awoke with left sided weakness, and a speech deficit.  She then underwent PT, and speech therapy so she could talk and be understood.  She did very well.  Her left sided weakness was not as pronounced.  Having exhausted her treatment options to this point, Patti opted to go to UCLA for a clinical trial.  Again she had an MRI to check her tumor, and, again, it persisted its growth into the right hemisphere, despite all these efforts.   It was decided by physicians, at that point, that there were no more treatment options left.  She insisted on being ambulatory, so she did everything she could to maintain her independence!  That was her biggest fear, losing her independence.  

Patti Field , my friend, my sister in Christ, went back to work part-time off and on after recovering from 1st surgery, when she could;  during her chemo rounds,  Optune treatments, 2nd surgery, clinical trials,  during all of the aforementioned events. Ya just can't  stop this great nurse!  Patti  has endured much in her lifetime.  And has served many at Lompoc Hospital as the Post Anesthesia Recovery Nurse, training other nurses, supervising, directing, and always was present if anyone needed a pat on the back, a hug, a smile, or just her presence.  Even now, that radiant, beautiful smile goes on that beautiful face!  

Patti went on hospice near the end of March, 2020, and medically retired from Lompoc Hospital.  She served Lompoc Hospital for 30 years!  She remained ambulatory with minimal assistance until several weeks ago.  She is now in a hospital bed pretty much most of the day.  She occasionally gets into her recliner.  Gary cares for her most of the time.  He has some assistance during the week so he can get some rest.  Linda Halleran, Patti's sister, comes to visit frequently.   

Patti has remained faithful to God, the Father,  Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. She prays constantly.  Central Coast Hospice staff have been wonderful!  She has that left sided weakness, she speaks, but very little.  She sleeps more and more everyday.  We do all we can to keep her comfortable in her hospital bed.  The CNA bathes her 2x/week.  Her appetite is still good. She still laughs at my silly jokes.  Slowly, she is slipping away from us.  It's up to us, to continue our prayers, thoughts and LOVE for her everyday.  

Love In Service for Jesus, 

Theresa Desmond