Patricia Fullmer

First post: Jul 16, 2021 Latest post: Aug 27, 2021

If you’re here it’s because you know and love our beautiful mother Pat and due to the overwhelming outpouring of love and support she has garnered from friends and family, we wanted to provide a single space to share with everyone this unexpected arduous journey she has been on and update you all with new information as it comes.

Pat has been battling a ongoing sinus infection for most of this year. She had been seeing her doctors to try to resolve it and was treating it with antibiotics. Last week she started having bad headaches and developed cellulitis in her eyelid, and was put on more antibiotics by her doctors. On Tuesday morning 7/13/21 she didn’t get up and do her usual morning routine. She was discovered still in bed with a high fever, disoriented with limited verbal communication. She was taken to the hospital via ambulance and admitted. The hospital ran CT scans, X-rays and did bloodwork over the course of Wednesday. They found that she had pneumonia and that she was septic. They then conducted a MRI on Thursday and they found that all of her sinuses were severely infected and that she also had meningitis and abscesses on her frontal lobes. They transferred her to a new hospital and scheduled surgery for Friday morning.

She had a 2 part surgery, first Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Bilateral Frontal Craniotomy for Inter-cranial abscess.

Due to the nature of these procedures, covid protocols and the long road to recovery ahead, we are not sharing the details of her hospital or room number with anyone except for immediate family. We know how much you love our mom and both of us and appreciate to the bottom of our hearts, all of the offers for help navigating this. When we have a better grasp of what we are dealing with and what tangible needs will need to be met, we will reach out and ask for it with gratitude, but for the moment we are only asking for your continued prayers and love to surround our mother as we continue on these next steps. It’s going to be quite a journey and we will keep you updated here as much as we can as we prioritize in our mom’s healing.