Patricia DeWitt

First post: Nov 28, 2020 Latest post: Sep 15, 2021

Dear Community,  As so many of us know, Life sometimes offers us very sudden turns of the wheel, ones that test our strength and deepen our trust. Our dear beloved Patricia is in the midst of one of those challenges now, shining as she always does, showing us the deep integration of her spiritual warrior and positivity.

We know there are many of you supporting Patricia with your loving prayers. We began this thread to encourage your prayers, keep you updated and provide a platform where you can continue to send your love and encouragement to Patricia through her surgery and recovery for the tumor that has taken up residence in her brain.

Patricia is currently in great spirits, very much because of all the caring support she is receiving from all of us. She calls it a "Love Bath". Let's keep her immersed! Especially this Tuesday, December 1st as Patricia undergoes an all day surgery, details in the update below. 

Please check often for updates and freely express your continued love and support here, where Patricia can visit anytime to surround herself in the womb of our love.  Namaste, Patricia's Caring Bridge Team