Pat Best

First post: Apr 26, 2018 Latest post: May 31, 2018
I decided to start this blog to keep everyone informed about how Mom's doing.  As you already know if you are here, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in Mach of this year and we are embarking on a fight to kick's its a$$.  First, I hope to keep this as lighthearted as possible ( given the circumstances) keeping with Mom's personality and outlook on life.  I'm sure she is going to get a kick out of the fact that we have a site dedicate to discussing her boob.  Second, we have so many wonderful medical professionals in the family that I beg forgiveness in advance if (when) I mess up any terminology or diagnostic information.  Please feel free to comment and leave more accurate medical explanations.  If you know Mom well, she's an open book and strong fighter.  She will beat this beast and I know that all of your love, support and words of encouragement will bolster her strength!