parris watson

First I recommend that anyone considering being a caregiver have a contract that explicitly delineates duties, time off, earnings etc. as if it were a job. Does this sound a bit harsh for family? No. Especially if crackpot medical providers begin to blame the caregiver for medical malpractice. The welfare state has programs to "assist" in care giving. These programs are fine if you are already on welfare. If you are not on welfare, These programs will BANKRUPT (!) you just as fast with them as without. In these cases, a Home Health Aid agency funded by a state DPW is profiting on your gradual decent into bankruptcy. If you are going to ultimately go broke, go it alone and don't be scammed by vampire welfare agencies. The truth is that care giving is a burden. Unless your family is rich. Most programs designed to help are not scams but very poorly conceived programs that mask the inevitable. As we speak I prepare for a bogus guardianship hearing that will take custody of mom if they win. They re Penn Presbyterian Hospital who have deemed me incapable of caring for mom.  Problem is I never agreed to the "responsibilities" I am accused of neglecting, there was no financial gain (I actually borrowed money) and finally my mother's only serious health problem was an oxycodone addiction fed by a doctor who wrote prescriptions for delivery. This is absolute bullshit and I am being held responsible as if I were a deadbeat dad. In Philadelphia there is Philadelphia Corporation for Aging who provides services to the elderly. These guys may have slammed mom with this nut case doctor who in addition to phone prescribing pain meds also provided benzodiazapam as a sleeping medication. Lets keep it short. Moms health care regimen was over prescription of deadly medications. I am being punished for not reviving her out of medically induced comas to give sponge baths. The only thing I did was call 911 about 30 times which by Penn Presbyterian Hospital standards was excessive. Do you live in Philadelphia PA? Then to let your relative die is a suitable alternative to the idiots and lunatics who bill medicaid. Yes I mean that last statement with the utmost sincerity. See the gofundme page. Im not trying to live on gofundme. Rather I need to chop into the debt that was incurred by the fruitcakes who provide medical care to the elderly in Philadelphia. Drop in as much as you can. A final and very important word. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM OPIOID MEDICATION!!! Especially at University of Pennsylvania you can walk into the hospital with a hangnail and you can get a script for oxycodone. This stuff ruins lives. Unlike the stereotyped guy in a trench coat, hospitals (University of Pennsylvania and Penn Presbyterian) are apparently prescribing oxycodone as if they were flushing a toilet in patients mouths. And legally there are very few rights especially when Oxycodone and Medicaid are combine. I dont blame mom. I do blame peices of sh-t and the special category Penn Presbyterian Hospital who aggressively use the elderly and family to write for medicaid funding they do not deserve.