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First post: Jun 11, 2020 Latest post: Jul 16, 2022
Hello Team Parker!

Welcome to our Caring Bridge page where we hope that you will be able to come alongside our family during this new and challenging season. As you most likely know by now, Parker has been diagnosed with cancer. We honestly never thought or imagined that we would find ourselves here, and of course we always hoped and prayed that we wouldn't. We have witnessed other families walk their own versions of this journey from a distance and our hearts have been broken for them, but now we find ourselves immersed in our own cancer reality. This is all new and extremely raw for our family. This diagnosis came as a shock to us as I'm sure it has to all of you who know and love Parker. 

One thing that Adam, Parker and I can all attest to is your immediate outpouring of love and support for our family. We know that we are incredibly fortunate to be a part of this village of wonderful, loving and giving people who have stepped up in all sorts of ways already. Please know that your love, support and prayers for our family mean more than we can ever put into words. 

With the overwhelming amount of change and information that Adam and I are dealing with currently, we know updating everyone separately isn't a feasible option, which is why we have decided to use this platform to post all of our updates about Parker's journey. This is a new platform for us, but we intend to post frequent updates about Parker's medical situation. For those of you who were around for our NICU days, you may recall Adam's love for documenting all the stats around Parker's progress. ;-) I imagine more of the same will be coming your way from Adam, while you can count on me for the more emotional aspects of our journey. 

We are still navigating what this whole experience will look like for our family, but we will try to include any needs or ways people can help support Parker/us as we identify those during this process. Please know that we are only using this site to keep our family and friends informed about Parker's journey. It has been brought to our attention that Caring Bridge prompts new visitors with a message about a donation or a "tribute". We are NOT asking for money and we are NOT paying to use this site, so please do not donate unless you feel compelled to give to Caring Bridge.  We cannot see how much is donated and the money does not come to us in any way. Donations to Caring Bridge simply help them continue to offer free use of their site to families such as ours. We were not aware of this until after we set up this page. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Again, we can't thank our family and friends enough for already stepping up for us in huge ways! We know that this journey cannot be traveled alone. It is going to take our village to get us through what will likely be one of the most difficult tests we will ever face as a family. For that reason, we would like to use the term Team Parker or #TeamParker.

We appreciate your support, prayers and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.


Parker, Heather and Adam