Joseph Paige Papa Joes Cancer

First post: May 4, 2020 Latest post: Jun 9, 2020
March 13th was the day I was diagnosed with  Esophagus stage 4 cancer and I was in an instant state of shock and disbalief. I was thinking it was acid reflux so I ignored it for a few months and took ant acids. When I got to the point that I couldn't swallow or eat without terrible pain, I went in and got an Upper GI. They found the cancerous tumor and found out it spread from my throat  to my lymph nodes and liver and told me I have a year to a year and a half left. I was in shock and depression but with the help of faith and Jesus and support from my loving family I truly believe with the right treatment, Drs,  diet and exercise, prayer and positive state of mind I am going to prove them wrong and beat this. I have a new perspective of life and the quality that it means that I have been missing,,and I thank god for a new appreciation and thankfulness for my wife and all she does for me and now I cherish  our time together as we grow as 1. Its going to be a long tough road but this is another example of a situation in life to get through that THE LORD WILL cure this disease and give me many more years to love my lovely wife and family. Thanks everyone for your ongoing support. Thank you for reading my story