Pam Sneed

First post: Sep 14, 2018 Latest post: Aug 28, 2020
Welcome to my Caring Bridge site. This new journey battling breast cancer has taken me to places I thought I'd never have to go. But God is right beside me along the way and the One holding me up no matter how much strength or confidence I appear to have....or not have. 

This "adventure" began in July 2018 when a good friend found out she had breast cancer and reminded me that self exams were vitally important. A few days later I remembered her words and upon doing a self exam, I was stunned to immediately find a lump in my left breast. Since my husband & I were driving 11 hours to my son's aviation graduation the next day.....I decided to delay my pursuit of treatment and wait until I returned home a week later.

God provided an AMAZING holistic doctor who specializes in alternative oncology treatment. She truly is a gift from God. With my first visit, she did a preliminary test that suggested what I already knew in my heart.....the mass was malignant. We did a mammogram and an ultrasound the next day. The radiologist was 95% sure it was malignant. Next, I went to a breast surgeon who did a biopsy and the report came back triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma. That's just a bunch of technical words to say I have a form of breast cancer that is aggressive, fast growing, and a bit harder to treat than usual. 

My goal even before I developed cancer (a work in progress these last few years) was to try to treat my body's ailments in a more natural holistic approach.....striving for wellness and using alternative methods in order to avoid most pharmaceuticals. (Note: I watched  a loved-one abuse pharmaceuticals to the point of death within my childhood/teenage years, and thus asked God to help me avoid the same throughout my life.) So with the cancer diagnosis, I've prayed and prayed that God would show me a way to defeat this monster without using conventional methods....specifically chemo. I just can't fathom poisoning my body and entire immune system in order to obliterate cancer. From all I've learned, a much better approach is to build up the body's immune system and give it everything it needs to fight cancer on it's own. God made our bodies in such an incredible way, and there's things we can  do to foster miraculous results. 

But most of all.....GOD can do miracles. And He chooses how he'll do those miracles. He can do them through chemo, he can do them through alternative therapy......OR.....He can JUST DO THEM!

My job in this situation is to keep my eyes fixed on Him and have him show me each next step. I have no idea for sure where those steps might take me. And I'm learning that often the path is going to go to places I don't want it to go.  BUT.....He WILL show me the path. I just have to have my focus on the right thing. And....even better..... He will be glorified in the process. That's key. What a privilege to be a partaker in bringing God glory. It's the purpose for which He has us here on earth. 

Since my diagnosis on Friday, August 24, 2018, God has been extremely faithful. Some steps are easier than others. I've shed lots of tears, prayed lots of prayers, heard things from doctors that I didn't want to hear, witnessed countless acts of kindness showered on me and my family, been hugged tighter than I have ever been hugged before, sang at the top of my lungs with the deepest sorrow.....and then switched to singing with the deepest joy and gratefulness. I'm certainly on a whirlwind path. But I know who has reign over that I don't have to fear, and I don't have stress, I don't have to worry.......I can trust in the One that has proven again and again and again and again......that He is with me, that He loves me, that He forgives me, and that He will fulfill His purposes in me. I'm one VERY blessed mama. ❤️