Pam in Seville, what she uses as her FB photo!

Pamela Davis

First post: Jan 17, 2021 Latest post: May 19, 2022
We’re writing on behalf of Pam Davis (Orlando, FL w/Cru) and wanted to explain her recent silence. Covid and its restrictions has been hard on many of us and has complicated health issues as well as communication, putting lives and ministry on hold.
As you know, Pam is a very social person, and her life revolves around her family, ministry and ministry relationships. As things came to a halt last March, it revealed that Pam had not been keeping up with on-line skills and began missing ministry calls as well as other scheduled events. We were all in a state of grace, so we were not overly concerned. She still reached out to others in ministry as she was able.

In late August/early September, she had an episode of confusion and dehydration which left her in the ER overnight when she drove about 50 miles from her home to a park for a walk. Family came to be with her and discovered she had not been keeping up with bills, schedule, home as well as ministry. Friends and family helped and got her back on track.  

In November, Pam was out walking in her neighborhood and tripped, breaking her knee, having surgery and rehab for several weeks. Again, family came to be with her, but when she came home, she wasn’t eating or drinking from throat irritation during the surgery. She refused home health care and PT and continued to decline. 

Since early December she has been hospitalized or in care units as they try to figure out how to help her. A few weeks ago, family put her in hospice. Family, friends and neighbors in Orlando have gone to see her as much as they can, but with Covid restrictions, it has been  difficult.

We wanted you to know so that you can be praying for Pam, her family, and all who love her as we wait upon the Lord for his redemption. We have set up this CaringBridge site so friends and family can get updates as they are available.

She's currently at Advent Health East Care Center - AdventHealth East Care Center, 250 S. Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL. 32825 (407-380-3466)

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