Owen Kuper

First post: Oct 11, 2019 Latest post: Jan 13, 2020
Two days ago sweet Owen got admitted to the hospital with vomiting and dehydration. As we know he was diagnosed earlier this year with severe hemophilia. After a seizure yesterday a CT showed somewhere along the way he developed a pretty severe head bleed with midline shift which the doctors believe was from the pressure of vomiting and his bleeding disorder. Yesterday consisted of intubation, central line and art line placement, cooling, brains rest and a bolt to monitor his intracranial pressure. Toward night time his ICP started rising so they performed a craniotomy with decompression. So they removed the clot and it went very well. Owen will have to have a piece of his skull off for a few months to allow for swelling but recovery has started. This morning doctors say the midline shift has improved but there’s some atelectasis in his lungs. We are staying hopeful and looking forward to seeing that cute smile again !!!