Charlie Bonham Our Little Warrior

In February of 2020, just as the Corona virus started to really take hold of the world, Charlie was 3 years old and diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Myoepithelial Carcinoma. This is a cancerous tumor that is typically found in people 55+ yrs old and in the salivary glands. Charlie's was found on the back of his head but thankfully on the outside of the skull. He had 2 operations within a few weeks to remove the tumor and the surrounding area. After the surgery we proceeded to have PET MRI scans done every 3 months to make sure he was still free and clear of tumors. We made it almost a full year clean...... Then in February of 2021 we noticed another lump on the back of his head which has turned out to be the same cancerous tumor. So Charlie had surgery again recently to remove the 2nd tumor. At which time they took everything all the way down to the skull and covered the area with a plastic type material called Integra. This will be in place until March 18th when we go back in to have a skin graft done to cover the area. 

Thankfully, through the grace of God, Charlie has been in great health and spirits through all of it. The tumors have not affected his overall health, or his development, or personality. While this is a VERY difficult path to navigate we try to cling to the fact that he is still our crazy, hyper, rambunctious little boy! And can still play and enjoy life without many restrictions.

This page will be used to post updates. Keep everyone aware of dates and times of procedures. And ideas on ways you can help out if you feel called to do so.