Mandi Bingham Ossie Faye UPDATE

First post: May 31, 2020 Latest post: Jun 15, 2020
This site was created to keep friends and family of Ossie Fay updated on her health and wellness.

We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Many of you have asked how you can help. 1 John 5:14-15. states that anything we ask that is in God’s will He hears us and will grant what we ask. Please pray for God’s will in Ossie Fay’s life and for her family to have wisdom in making necessary decisions and arrangements for her future health and wellbeing.

Events leading to Fay’s current condition:
In April she experienced 2 falls that resulted in being taken to the hospital.
May 9th she fell and was taken to the ER. After an X-ray we were told she had fractured her spine. Doctors insisted she would need full time care and physical therapy. She was moved to a rehabilitation/nursing home next to the hospital. The trauma from the falls caused a mental decline. She began to hallucinate and asked for her deceased husband and sister.
She fell 2 more times while in the rehabilitation center. Sunday, May 24th, she fell onto her bed and bumped her head on the footboard. Two days later the area on her head began to swell and her speech was mumbled. Fay was admitted to the ER and they found she had a brain bleed. Due to her age and current health, surgery was not recommended.
After a plasma infusion the bleeding stopped. Tuesday-Friday she was unable to communicate other than mumbling, she also required IV because she couldn’t swallow. The doctor had to give her something to calm her because she would get frustrated and try to get out of bed. She slept most of the week.
This morning we got the good news that she is starting to get her speech back. She said “good morning” to the doctor and was able to scoot with her feet a little in her room. For now they have someone to sit with her so that she doesn’t leave the room. She can’t feed herself but can swallow. The nurses are feeding her a purée diet. Currently when the nurse asks her name Fay will not respond. Everyday will be a new day.

I’ll be sure to post updates when anything changes.