Oscar Faltus Oscar Faltus

First post: Jul 2, 2022

Oscar was jumping on the trampoline with the grandkids on 4/23/22 and somehow fell on his face. He has severe damage to his spinal cord. 
He had surgery the next morning! Taking out bones in his neck and putting metal rods in their place at C3-C7.. He will be out of commission for several months per the neurosurgeon.. 
The surgeon in Memphis was confident that he will get better but said he will absolutely never be the same.. 
Regional One/The Med is hands down the best trauma center in this part of the country!! 
He is now a quadriplegic (Asia C) but has some movement in his arms and legs but still can’t do very much on his own without assistance.. 
We are now at the Shepherd’s Center Rehab in Atlanta. He is making progress but still has a long way to go!! 
Please PRAY for us!! 🙏❤️ 🙏
We still need all the prayers we can get!! ❤️