Hyline Kwamboka Orphan medical care

First post: Jul 26, 2019
Hyline and her husband Bovico have a Christian ministry and orphanage in Kenya, Africa. They take care of several children ages 5 - 17. They grow Napier grass on a small farm which they sell in order to get money to support the children but it is not enough to properly feed and care for the children. They also have a difficult time providing the children with any medical care. Recently, one of the children was very badly burned with boiling water and was taken to the hospital for treatment. She is ready to return home now but the funds are short so the hospital won't release her until the bill is paid and the amount goes up every day she stays. Please help provide the children with what they need in order to receive the proper medical care when they need it and to get the food that will help them grow stronger.